Best Wedding Bands in Mohali


Welcome To Old Krishna Band

Your big day deserves nothing less than the best, and when it comes to giving your wedding festivities a dash of melodic charm, our wedding band in Mohali takes the cake. We bring the heartbeat of celebration to your wedding, making it a memorable event with a harmonic fusion of tradition and modernity.

About Us

In our experience as Old Krishna Band, weddings are more than just formalities; they are a joyous celebration of love, union, and happiness. Our skilled and seasoned musicians work tirelessly to elevate these moments with their soulful music and driving sounds. Our wedding band is dedicated to making your wedding an outstanding event, with a strong musical tradition and a passion for fostering lifelong memories.

Services We Offer

Live Music: With live performances that encapsulate the mood of the event, our talented musicians breathe life into your celebrations. Every wedding event benefits from the fascinating addition of live music, whether it is the gentle notes of a romantic ballad played during the vows or the upbeat beats that get everyone dancing at the reception.

Wide Variety of Genres: We are aware that every couple has their own distinct tastes and styles. We provide a wide variety of musical styles as a result, ranging from classical and traditional music to modern songs and Bollywood hits. There is something for everyone in our broad repertoire, which guarantees a lively environment during the celebrations.

Customized Packages: Just as each wedding is distinct, so are our options. Our team works directly with you to create custom packages that fit your needs, financial situation, and wedding’s overall concept. We offer choices that may accommodate both small-scale gatherings and lavish festivities, ranging from single performances to a complete ensemble.

Musicians with experience: Our musicians are not simply entertainers; they are also storytellers who are aware of the ability of music to evoke various emotions. They produce a smooth and engrossing musical trip that captivates your guests and leaves a lasting impression thanks to their years of experience in the field.

Why Choose Us

Excellence-driven passion: We are proud of our dedication to excellence. Every performance by our musicians is heartfelt, so you can be sure that your wedding will be filled with lovely songs and heartfelt rhythms.

A wedding is a memory in the making, and we work hard to make it one that you will always cherish. The music we play becomes a part of the memories you’ll treasure always, serving as a reminder of the happiness and love that pervaded the atmosphere on your special day.

Professionalism: Our crew is committed to its work and is not only passionate about music. We work hard to fulfil your musical fantasies since we value your time, tastes, and thoughts.